Our expert team at JFC Landscaping & Sod LLC can both design and install a landscape on your home or property that is sure to increase your poverty value and help extend your living space out into your yard. From hardscaping to softscaping, our team can do it all. We work with you through the entire process so that you can be completely stress free and truly feel like part of the process. Your design and dreams are what makes our landscaping services possible, and your satisfaction is our bottom line. Call us today with any questions you have concerning your future landscaping services with us in Tampa, FL, and any surrounding cities.

Sod Installation and Repair

Trying to install your own sod or redo your lawn on your own can be a backbreaking process. Our team at JFC Landscaping & Sod LLC can take care of everything that sod installation involves. From material purchasing, to transportation, to installation, and final inspection and maintenance, our team can do it all. Find out how sod can be both affordable and beneficial to a quick and beautiful lawn. Call us today to schedule your upcoming sod installation service in Tampa, FL, and the encompassing cities.


Proper irrigation is the main key to keeping your yard and landscaping looking good for as long as possible. Through irrigation, you can save money on water bills because quality irrigation helps by not wasting water. The water from our trusted irrigation systems help improve your soil’s condition by increasing the water intake of your plants, increasing the health of the plant fibers - dissolving nutrients into the soil and making them available to all surrounding foliage. To learn more about the benefits of irrigation in your landscaping call our friendly team today and set up a consultation in Clearwater, FL, and any nearby areas.

Perfect sod installation will make your yard look great! Get in touch with us today!


All of your hardscaping elements should feel like a natural extension of your home’s character. Our landscaping designers at JFC Landscaping & Sod LLC can help design and install some of the most beautiful hardscapes you’ve ever seen. All of our work is quality and reliable, so that you can use any of the spaces knowing they’re in place for the long run and they will do nothing other than benefit your outdoor space and living area. From patios to walkways to retaining walls, all of our hardscape services are guaranteed, and if at any point of our services you are dissatisfied with our work, let us know and we will get right to work on making it right. Call our team today to schedule your next hardscaping service in Lakeland, FL, and surrounding counties.

Tree Services

Trimming or pruning your trees can help increase the value of your curb appeal and overall property. Tree services are one of the quickest and least invasive services you can get to boost the look of your property. Whether your trees have dead and diseased branches, or they simply need to be reduced in size so to be allowed to bloom and blossom in a healthy manner, our team can do it all for you. While we are mainly a landscaping and sod company, our team is always eager to take on any new tree job you throw our way. So give us a call now to schedule your future tree trimming, tree pruning, and any general tree service in Petersburg, FL, and any nearby cities.

Cleanup Work

No matter if you have lawn clippings piled up or have an entire weekend landscaping project that needs to be removed, our team can quickly come out and remove everything, leaving your yard and property in a state of its former glory. From branches to weeds to shrubbery, our skilled crew can come out and tidy up the total area. So if you’re ready for a cleaner property or lawn today, call our team for a free clean up estimate today in Tampa, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Your grass is brown but your weeds are green? We'll take care of it!